Spring Onion Pancake

What i love being in this lovely season is spring onion.. i do really love it and now i can find it everyday in supermarket … i always buy it, though i need it or not… I can use it for my stir fry, soup, noodle, omelette..  but i want more, luckily i found this recipe in Kiki’s midnight Bakery ….
It’s seemingly easy and delicious.. and it’s remind me of  my first pancake which i made with my brother when we were kid “without spring onions but with eggs”..
Kinda better for me to see how to make it rather than to read the direction.. dann surfe ich im internet…  you can get all in youtube ^_^

I automatically thinkin’ bout the taste and you know what..i guess it possibly suit with chicken curry or prawns in chilli sauce..
And here we go.. the taste is not bad, and once again.. i looove the spring onion taste on this pancake..

The ingredients are really easy to be found in my pantries, except for sesame oil.. Kinda risk to have it and rarely using it in my kitchen.. but actually this oil is your basic needs to cook chinese food.. Actually there are several ways to make it, you can mix all of dry ingredients at the first step or you can use your salt when topping the dough with oil and spring onions..

250 gram Flour
2 tbsp Salt
1 tsp Sugar
a bit Instant Yeast
Sesame oil
175 ml Chicken Stock or Lukewarm Water
Handful chopped spring onions

How to make it:

1. Make a dough by mixing the flour, salt, sugar, instant yeast together. Pour chicken stock into it, then mix and knead it. After having a good and unsticky dough, rest it for 30 minutes , don’t forget to cover it with wet towel.

2. After 3o minutes, punch the raised dough, divide it into several ball portions (it depends on what you want).

3. Flatten one portion with your rolling pin into circle form, quickly topped it with sesame oil and spring onions, roll up the dough into a log and twist it. After that, flatten this one more time with keeping it’s  twisty form. (for me, it’ll be easier to flatten it first with my hands and use rolling pin afterward). Do it until all your dough ready to cook.

4. Heat the pan and use  little bit oil. Pan fry each dough until both sides turn brown. Ready to serve..


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