Yong Tau Foo

By: greenypink

Dec 18 2013

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Yong Tau Foo means stuffed bean curd. It is popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia, but not only beancurd but also Tofu and Vegetables that stuffed with fish or meat paste.

My version was using eggplant, cabbage, chilli, ladies finger, as well as tofu and fish ball from the same fish paste to stuff the vegetables.


Tofu, fried and the original one

Eggplant, slice with dia. 1 cm

Cabbage,  blanching with hot water for 30 seconds and placed under cold running water

Ladies finger, half cut in the middle

Chilli, do the same thing with ladies finger

Beancurd skin, the thin and smooth one

Fish Paste:

Mix well pangasius paste with salt, pepper, chopped garlic and cornstarch.


1. Prepared all vegetables, tofu and beancurd and stuffed with fish paste. For eggplant, fry it before stuff with the paste. Steam all the stuff vegetables and bean curd. As an option, we can fry all the stuffed veggie and drizzle it with sesame oil.

2. For fish ball, use the same method to make meatball. We can use the water for the stock as well or using any kind of stock you like, i.e. chicken or fish stock.

3.  Sautee chop garlic and onion until fragrant and add in soy sauce, oyster sauce and the stock.

4. Bring to boil and put the stuffed veggie and tofu and beancurd in.

Enjoy while it still hot 😀







2 comments on “Yong Tau Foo”

  1. Kalo aku suka pan fried baksonya dulu abis dikukus, ada sensasi yg berbeda baksonya….

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